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Is the internet a video game..?

This journal's English entries are becoming few and far between.

I don't really want any new friends, but if I think you're interesting I might add you..

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The first and only Misery Signals comm on LJ.



I'll send your card out tomorrow :D.
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So, I finally got my motherfuckin' iBook to work. Yesssss. Go Applestore! Go new router!

So, my brother went to homecoming on Friday with his boyfriend Thomas, whom I love. He made a blog about it, which shall be copied and pasted here because he said I could:

So, Friday was pretty magical. Thomas looked great times ten, and I think I did pretty well. My sister did our hair and tied my tie for me because I nearly strangled myself trying. Thom and I had matching chucks. It was way sweet. We started a circle pit when they played Drowning Pool because, who plays Drowning Pool at a highschool? We started another one during Panic! At the Assfuck because I like to be an asshole to hipsters. Slow songs are nice, but I guess it offends a lot of people that I like to enjoy them with another boy. No need to call me a faggot. I already know I am one. I mean, seriously? What's the big deal? I know I'm a "homo" thanks. It comes with letting another dude stick his cock in your mouth/ass (It's never ass to mouth, youngin's. That's all kinds of nasty). And don't think I don't get hurt when you say "I never pegged you for being gay/I never thought YOU'D be gay". That's like saying "I never pegged you for having cancer!" or "Who knew YOU'D have lepresy?!". I just wish people wouldn't treat me like I'm...sick...or I need to be fixed. I was born this way. I've known forever that I was gay and I'm happy that way.

In all honesty though...If you like going on stereotypes, how did you NOT know? I mean...Thomas likes to fucking bake and watch Project Runway and Vanessa Carlton. And I like the Apex Twins. (Thanks, Ryan. No, really...)

Free cookies and punch was awesome. I'm pretty sure that shit could have killed any diabetic that so much as walked past it.

Gaylove Sammy

I love that kid, I honestly do.

SO GUESS WHAT. I GOT A RECORD PLAYER! I was going through my wallet and I had a Best Buy giftcard that had some $47 left on it and as I was browsing, I saw this record/radio/CD thingy for $50! I only had to pay $3 plus tax! I nearly peed my wee undies.

Matt and I went to a record store on a "date". It was fun. He bought me a Barry Manilow album.

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Okay, so I'm pretty sure that someone has been in my LiveJournal account or something. I changed the password, so it should be good now, but someone was in here and I know it. I'm in like 3 new communities and I apparently posted comments about some girl.

NOT ME, GUYS. WTF is up with this shit?

(I'm pretty sure it was my room mate. She asked to "borrow" my laptop and she's into the kind of communities that I "joined".)

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I know it's not the best, but Green Day fans, feel free to use this whenever you want, no credit needed.


Thank you and GOODNIGHT.

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I leave tomorrow morning to go visit my mom in Florida. I don't like my mom.

Then, as soon as I come back, I start school. I don't like school.

Boo on all accounts. I want my camera soon.

My sidekick is going to be my new BFF for a little while.

I feel like practicing some scales and etudes right about now. Maybe work on some random concerti. Blah.

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LOL at this band for still being around?! And check who's in their Top 8 (Yes that's his real profile, no he won't add you.)

I love this band. Hahhahaha.

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Dear Fat Mike,

For the record, Dinosaurs are in fact in the bible. They're not called Dinosaurs, obviously, because the bible wasn't written in Latin. Dinosaur is Latin for Thunder Lizard. In the Bible, Dinosaurs are called "Great Beasts of many kinds". Yeah, I looked it up.

So, UnderOATH does believe in dinosaurs. And you probably aren't even a practicing Jew. You just pulled that out of your ass to justify Christian bashing. I don't know of any other Jew that was offended by what UnderOATH said during their sets, but a lot of them found it offensive that you asked the Chrisitians to leave when you guys played. Punk, or just Rock in general is supposed to be about acceptance.


P.S. Your band sucks and no one really likes you.

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Yeah, I posted this. I went(z) there.

You want to say something about it? The gloves are off and AIM is up. arli x antic.
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